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Moments In Time  by  C. Osborne Rapley

Moments In Time by C. Osborne Rapley
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Moments In TimeAt an archaeological dig in present day Pompeii, Dr. Justin Edwards a specialist in Roman archaeology discovers a carved pendant the significance of which far exceeds its historical value. After grasping the pendant, Justin is inadvertently knocked unconscious and comes to before the destruction of Pompeii nearly 2,000 years earlier.Now an ex-Roman soldier named Justinian, he is inexplicably drawn to an exquisite Chinese slave girl, Feiyan, he saves from an ambush.

She’s harboring a secret that involves the carved pendant but before he can find out more Vesuvius erupts. Justinian saves many lives, and then awakens in his own time. Not only has the dig been affected, the global political scene has shifted as well.Feiyan is long dead, but he recalls the pendant she wore is at another excavation site. Once there, Justin comes face-to-face with a murderous, very alive Feiyan. He races to his ancestor’s home for answers, and to resolve the mystery of the pendant and the enigma of Feiyan.A historical, romantic fantasy, A Moment in Time is a rousing entry by C.

Osborne Rapley, author of the popular Guardian AI series. Time jumps, battles between chaos and order, secret societies, witches and wizards around every turn will thrill not only his fans, but all lovers of the time travel genre.

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