Eyeshield 21 (Traditional Chinese Manga) (Volume 10) Riichiro Inagaki

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Eyeshield 21 (Traditional Chinese Manga) (Volume 10)  by  Riichiro Inagaki

Eyeshield 21 (Traditional Chinese Manga) (Volume 10) by Riichiro Inagaki
| Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9789861152219 | 5.25 Mb

The Death March continues, and threatens to overwhelm some of the players. Senas got to kick a rock over and over again as he runs, and his knees are giving out. Everyones got their extreme training as they run all the way to Las Vegas. And when they get there, Hiruma uses his amazing brain to count cards and get blackjack money to put them up in style. Sena manages to recruit a fellow to possibly play tight end on the Devilbats team, but Taki is a bit of a lunkhead and knows a lot more about posing and bragging than about playing football.

(Too bad hes really good at what he does and excellence is hard to ignore.) Sena might just be sweet on his enthusiastic roller-blading little sister, too. . . .I just love Hirumas plans and how they develop, and everyone caring about what each others progress is doing to them while giving them the tough love they need is really refreshing (especially in a sports manga).

The new guy, Taki, is super annoying, though. Im glad I dont actually have to hang out with him- reading about him is bad enough. (Imagine how his sister feels.)

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